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1979 revolution black friday кто ранил аббаса

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1979 revolution black friday кто ранил аббаса

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1979 revolution black friday кто ранил аббаса

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Placing a player into the shoes of a character is one of the most challenging goals of game design. However, I believe that  1979 Revolution: Black Friday achieved that with one simple game mechanic: photography. This year's IndieCade was a different mixed bag because the best games don't have the most obvious booths; one "booth," or floor space in the USC soundstage is the same as the next. We had the best luck in sitting down at the  1979 Revolution booth and getting introduced to the game, which can be best described as a choose-your-own-adventure set in Iran.

The first scene we played had Reza in interrogation. He is tortured to give answers in his involvement in the revolution. The game takes pointers from previous narrative-driven stories in that charactes often notice small interactions the player makes (such as denying an offering of tea). The graphical presentation is impressive, even for a mobile game, because it features several characters on screen at one time, probably pushing the limits of mobile use (it's also available on Steam ). 

Check out the game on Steam  or the Apple Store. INK Stories is an NYC-based independent developer focused on generating interactive stories. We'd like to dive into the game more to understand more of the history behind the game and see how Reza's story ultimately unfolds, whether it may have multiple endings or just one (hopefully a positive ending).

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