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Dear esther landmark edition

Dear Esther has always intrigued me; I’ve seen it get criticised for its lack of gameplay, yet it also seems to have a fan base that absolutely adore it. I’m a fan of the whole ‘walking simulator’ genre, but Dear Esther really embraces that tag quite literally, with the whole of the game being simply spent walking.

After originally releasing on PC back in 2012, Dear Esther is finally available on console in the form of the new ‘Landmark Edition’ featuring remastered audio and the addition of Director’s commentary. The question of whether this ‘walking simulator’ contains too much walking and not enough interaction remains though – does Dear Esther: Landmark Edition  keep up the pace with newer titles in the genre, or has it been left behind in the four years since its original release?

With less of a focus on exciting gameplay and an emphasis on story-telling, Dear Esther takes the unique approach of offering you different pieces of the story each time you play. It’s told through an overarching monologue with the main character arriving on an island and narrating a tale in the form of letters to his deceased partner, Esther. There’s no real detail as to the exact going-ons revealed until the backend of the game, so the player is left to interpret the protagonist’s words as they please.

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Dear Esther игра-рассказ,которая остается в душе надолго. Ее пейзажи поражают не только красотой,но и смыслом, вложенным в каждую деталь

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