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Take on mars

The exploration of Mars is a dream that many individuals hold dear. Those with a sense of adventure and a knack to explore the unknown have already  signed up for missions  that might one day take them to the Red planet. But not everyone will get this opportunity. Have you ever wanted to explore the Martian surface? Unfortunately, it may be a while before you can; the colonization of Mars is still a distant dream. It's a sad reality, but there is an alternative.

Take on Mars

Do you like space? As expected from a Mars simulator, Take On Mars will only appeal to those who have an interest in astronomy, Mars, rovers, or a combination of the above. It's clear from the start that it is not for everyone. Take On Mars is not fast-paced, nor is it particularly action-filled. Instead, Take On Mars is focused on science, discovery, and roaming around the Martian desert.

Take on Mars

Take On Mars puts you in control of a Mars lander or rover, allowing you to take photographs of the terrain or analyze rocks and soil. For some this may sound incredibly boring, however it can be entertaining if you are interested in finding out what controlling a rover is like. Take On Mars allows you a glimpse into the daily life of a NASA engineer, learning more about Mars' past and history with every moment. Filled with facts and information, Take On Mars can be a good way to learn more about the planet Mars, aside from reading a book of course.

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Take on Mars

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На E3 2015 разработчики из Bohemia Interactive уделили внимание не только постапокалиптическому мультиплееру DayZ, но и другому своему долгострою под названием Take on Mars. Данный компьютерный кос…

Take on Mars

Прошломесячный анонс Take On Mars вызвал взрыв энтузиазма у всех фанатиков Красной планеты. Еще бы, Bohemia Interactive пообещала им беспрецедентную возможность покататься по виртуальному Марсу, котор…

Bohemia Interactive широкомасштабно известна благодаря серии хардкорных милитаристских шутеров Arma и обещающего стать новой звездой ММО постапокалиптического выживастика DayZ. Однако компания работае…

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